Build-to-Rent Consultation Results

BTR Consultation Analysis
Analysis and results of the Government's Build-to-Rent consultation.
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1. The consultation on Planning & Affordable Housing for Build to Rent took place between 7th February and 2nd May this year. The consultation was held in response to the emergence of a new sector in the housing market – large scale developments purpose built for private rent, commonly known as “build to rent”.


2. Industry estimates indicate there could be around £50-70b1 of new institutional investment available to enter this sector, potentially generating up to 15,000 new homes per annum2 .


3. The recent Housing White Paper set out the Government’s support for build to rent as a means to improve housing supply, but importantly also as a way to improve choice, quality, security and diversity in the private rented sector.


4. This consultation analysis report summarises the views expressed by consultees. Overall there were 221 responses to the consultation, from a wide range of different sectors and parts of the country. Many of the survey replies were supported by additional comments. Around 84 provided separate written submissions via email, and these too have been factored into the consultation analysis.


5. This report is structured around all the questions asked in the consultation document, but re-grouped around three themes for ease of understanding. The first of these considers the principle and definition of build to rent, and whether national planning policy should be changed to support it. The second section considers the principle and definition of affordable private rent, and whether and how national planning policy and guidance should be altered. Finally, the last section considers issues around the implementation of the policy area, and different criteria that may apply.


6. Each question is considered quantitatively, broken down by sector. The qualitative analysis does not seek to itemise every view expressed, but typically identifies trends, details or commonly held views that would not be reflected in a purely statistical analysis.


7. Despite recent increases in the numbers of build to rent homes being constructed, all parties to the process, from developers and investors through to local authorities and campaign groups, considered there is a need to consolidate planning policy on the area, so as to resolve ongoing uncertainty about how to consider new proposals.


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