Richard Berridge MIRPM

Institutional PRS, Multi-family, Build to Rent & Single Family Housing

40 years in real estate and fundamentally I’m a residential investment specialist. I’ve been involved in pretty much every aspect of acquiring, operating and disposing of residential investment assets.  Along the way, I’ve picked up agency, development, design, planning and management experience. I’ve even acted as a consultant for a timber frame company in the early days of ‘off-site manufacture’.


So when it comes to Build-to-Rent, you could say I have a holistic understanding of the sector. This gives me a very clear picture of what Build-to-Rent is, how to deliver it, key operational differences, best practices, and strategies to deliver efficiencies maximising capital value.


I like data. Lot’s of data. But data is no good without insightful analysis. This allows me to give clear recommendations, develop coherent strategies and deliver exceptional outcomes. 


But exceptional outcomes can only be delivered with extraordinary teams. As part of a team, I can lead and drive, or support and underwrite decisions and strategies. I encourage, develop and nurture talent in others and gain great satisfaction in seeing gifted individuals flourish.

I'm Interested in the politics of housing; governmental, social and private sector. Committed to be part of a progressive, more equitable society and to create a new PRS and a peerless living experience that better caters to the demands of the 21st century.  07960988321 


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